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(Updated: 1/4/21)
We are flexible and ready to meet the needs of our clients. DTS contracts generally bill on a monthly basis, however, it is important to note that DTS can work with clients to determine a method of billing that works for both parties. Professional hourly rates are not subject to mark-up.

NOTE: Any service calls provided by DTS are billed at a minimum of $275.

Our hourly fees are outlined as follows:

Position Standard Hourly Rate Non-Profit Hourly Rate
President/CEO $375 $295
Project/P.R. Manager $245 $195
Creative Director $230 $190
Copy Writer $205 $175
Sr. Graphic Designer $205 $175
Jr. Graphic Designer $125 $95
Photographer $200 $120
IT Services Manager $195 $145
Social Media Specialist $145 $95
Office Assistant $65 $45
Clerical $45 $25
Intern – TSE/OJT $35 $20